Montréal, May 10, 2016—The professionals of the Fondation du CHUM’s Clinics have been applying their knowledge and experience to bring you better health for some 40 years. In honour of Nursing Week, we would like to give big thanks to our Clinics’ nurses—the pillars of our team. A few highlight from their careers follow.

Geneviève Forget, the Clinics’ Chief Nurse, used to work in hematology-oncology and gynecology-oncology at CHUM’s Hôpital Notre-Dame. “I forge strong bonds with patients,” she said. “I monitor their passages toward remission and, sometimes, relapse. I have been struck by their extraordinary morale and upbeat attitudes, whatever the situation. Knowing people with such exceptional values has proved a source of great inspiration to me. They made me realize my little problems are trivial—because I’m so lucky be in good health.”

Colombe Grenier, who became a nurse in 1982, has participated in four humanitarian missions to Haiti and Afghanistan and formerly worked in Montréal as a street nurse. “Contributing to international cooperation is a lesson in humility,” Colombe said. “What we do is a mere drop in the bucket. You can’t change the world, but we come back changed ourselves. During these projects, I have met some remarkable people, alongside skilled and dedicated medical teams. Such experiences and human interactions have made me a different woman and nurse.”

Halinka Sanson is a nurse clinician at the Clinics who has worked throughout her career in different disciplines, including pediatric gynecology, obstetrics-gynecology and hematology. “Human contact is one of the most important facets of my profession and something to which I am particularly devoted,” Halinka said. I’ve spent many hours helping and caring for bone marrow transplant patients. Our medical staff is the only physical contact for such patients, who are confined to sterile rooms and can only speak to friends and family through a window. We develop very close bonds with them and provide the comfort they need so much. These deeply moving experiences mark us deeply.”

After practicing nursing in Switzerland before working in marketing and sales for 25 years, Madeleine Lévesque has returned to update her training and specialize in travel medicine. “I am extremely interested in this field,” she said. “My work at the Clinics lets me combine my love of travel and good health. Discovering the world is a fundamental part of my life. I’ve journeyed wide and far, which helps me provide good advice with our patients, who are also travel enthusiasts.”

Madeleine Plante, dean of the Clinics’ nurses, wanted to do something different when she was a student. “Back when I became a nurse, in 1964, women’s career options were fairly limited,” she said. “I chose this profession largely because I wanted to do something different from my classmates!  Over time, I discovered a stimulating and challenging field. Learning, teaching, working as a team and achieving change are what drive me.”

We are dedicated to your good health at the Fondation du CHUM’s Clinics. That’s why we make sure you can draw on the knowledge and experience of professionals who love their jobs!