Make disease prevention a habit

Certain health issues cannot be prevented by vaccination. You can however avoid many risks by adopting appropriate health habits while you travel:

  • Be careful about what you eat.
  • Drink bottled or purified water.
  • Equip yourself with the right products, adapted to the type of trip that you are about go on.

Drop by the Clinique Santé-voyage to find everything you need for your journey at 1001 Saint-Denis Street, 6th floor, in Montreal.

“Our clinical team has selected safe and effective preventive products for you to use!”
Geneviève Forget, Nurse, Clinique Santé-voyage



All profits from the Clinique Santé-voyage go to support the Fondation du Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM). So when you visit us, you’re not only protecting your health, but also contributing to the well-being of our hospital centre’s patients.